Hello, My name is Jin Woo Choe.

All my models are designed, engineered, manufactured and packaged by me. My product may lack luxury packaging and branding of other mass produced brand, but my personal attention to details and quality will satisfy all depron enthusiast.

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  1. I bought the sopwith triplane about a year ago. I built it about 3 months later. I finally maidened it over the past weekend. it is a fantastic flyer. it rolls,spins,loops and it floats at such a slow speed it seems like a night vapor sometimes. love the plane.

  2. Hi, Indoor season is about to start around here so I was wondering which of your designs would be most suitable for a rather small warehouse with many steel roof supports. It’s a bit close with about a 25 foot ceiling and room for a 30 yard circle if I can miss the posts. Vapors and Embers are the usual planes we fly there.


  3. If you feel 30 yard circle is small, I recommend Triplane. I have flown both Avro and Flying boat in a 50′ x 94′ area but Triplane will give you more freedom in your space. I hope this helps. Personally, I would enjoy weaving through posts with my triplane.

  4. Thanks. I suspected the triplane might be the tightest turner. The last warehouse was actually around 30 feet or less between the wall and the posts. My computer has been acting up and I wasn’t able to sign onto my PayPal account just now so I’ll try to order one latter today.

  5. Hi there, placed an order from Scotland (uk) and was wondering how long it takes to ship? Many thanks. Gary.

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